Tim Walker

A lot of photographers try to capture moments around them. While pursuing this goal, they often aim at reproducing the scene to perfection in a digital file or an analogue film frame. A still image that can tell a story and has a high documentary value.
And there are others, primarily in the fashion business, that try to create unseen, out-of-this-world images or visions. The concepts are created in the right side of their brain and know no boundaries or limitations. Creativity is not optional in this line of work, it's mandatory.


T. Walker is a London based fashion photographer that exemplifies the latter group. Early in his career he worked as an assistant for Richard Avedon, a photography legend in his own right. Later on, Tim quickly made a name for himself and became famous for his Vogue covers. His images can be tagged with the keywords: fairy tale, romantic, extravagant & ethereal. They grab your attention and you get the feeling that you're peeking into a hidden world, a fairy tale. Discover more of his work here.

The Picture

A fairy tale, by Timothy Walker

A fairy tale, by Timothy Walker

I chose this particular image because to me it captures the fairy tale story feel as if it was directed by the Brothers Grimm themselves. The delicate gesture and positioning of the model's arm, the larger than life dress, the spiral staircase, the magnificent muted colours and tones... It results in an a-typical interpretation of a Rapunzel like tale where a princess is trapped in a tower, letting her gown hang out to draw attention. Styling wise, this entire image is impeccable. The tone of the dress, the girl's hair color, the walls, the floor, the door, the staircase, ... it's flawless and still it feels effortless in some way. As if she just lives there and Tim Walker just happened to be there and capture the moment. Everything about the composition is larger than life, which makes it that more compelling.  

In an interview he did, Tim referenced an illustrator by the name of Arthur Rackham. I Googled him and shortly discovered that he indeed could be a source of inspiration for his work. Check out the illustrations hereunder that blend nicely with the photograph.

Technically this picture lives of the large window light that is coming in from the left side of the frame. It gives a beautiful soft light that complements the location. Speaking of the location, how cool is that! Based on the short description that comes with the photograph, it is a place somewhere in India anno 2005. I do not know which location scout found this place, but he/she was spot on with this one. Who wouldn't like to shoot in an environment like that!